The 8th episode will "blow your mind."

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Re: The 8th episode will "blow your mind."

Post by joybrennan on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:27 pm

mommahurley wrote:I don't know why I'm not having as much trouble picturing this as a lot are....

I see it not as a dream....but more like...You're inner voice...inner pictures in your mind...only we're getting to see them. Like people who can do math really well becuase they can visualize exactly going through the process of doing the problem. Where I have to write down each step they can visualize it the same as doing it on paper. Really intelligent people often think this way. Like total recall...they take in information and form mental picutres of exactly what is something they're thinking.

It's not a dream, menal illness or breakdown, just a visual way of thinking and reasoning. Remember in the trial of "the girl in the fridge"...when she says...I see each victims face on their bones, I picture their life, where they come from what they've been through...I can see their pain written on their bones...they're real to me. I think this is what she was referring to and now w'ere going into her mind and seeing the way she thinks and processes things.

I understand this becuase I'm an artist, and that's exactly the way I process things i see. I wish I could do math that way but sadly ... no... (right brain /left brain thing I guess) I look at what I'm seeing, and in my mind I picture each step in the process that I'm going to do on my way to the final result.

Does that make sense to anyone else? Hope so...Or I'm having a breakdownn.....ha ha...kind of have been the last few days ... but I"M BACK> Seeley Joseph Booth would say!

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OK, now that I've gotten past that, er, other idea of yours, sweatin . In terms of the most logical straightforward way of looking at the structuring of the eighth episode... [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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Re: The 8th episode will "blow your mind."

Post by mommahurley on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:02 pm

ha ha...that was a joke for sure!!!!! H & B alone is already stretching the boundaries of what I can take without puke


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